Hello, I'm in charge of vocals and performance in MAMAMOO, whoosh~ Wheein!
— Wheein's greeting

Wheein (Korean: 휘인) is a member of K-Pop girl group MAMAMOO. She is the lead vocalist and is in charge of the group's performance along with Moonbyul. She has an Instagram account called @whee_inthemood.


Wheein's Career section will be excluding her activities with MAMAMOO.


Wheein appeared on MBC's King of Mask Singer as "Half Moon" (episode 55 to 56).


On April 17, Wheein officially debuted as a soloist with the single Easy, featuring Sik-K. Later, Wheein appeared on JTBC's Secret Unnie, alongside Hyoyeon (episode 2 to 6).


On September 4, Wheein released her a single album titled soar, with the single Good Bye as its title track.


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Outside of her activities in MAMAMOO, Wheein has released single albums, singles, and an OST.

Single Album(s)

  1. magnolia
  2. soar


As the Lead Artist

  1. Easy (ft. Sik-K)
  2. Good Bye (헤어지자)

As a Collaboration

  1. Narcissus (나르시스) (with Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo)
  2. Angel (with Solar)
  3. Da Ra Da (다라다) (with Jeff Bernat & B.O.)
  4. Loving One Person (with Kim Hyunchul & Hwasa)

As the Featured Artist

  1. Under Age's Song (Phantom ft. Wheein)
  2. The Sunlight Hurts (햇살이 아파) (Standing Egg ft. Wheein & YoonDak Obroject)
  3. Domino (CNBLUE ft. Wheein)
  4. Please Just Go (그냥가요) (Louie ft. Wheein)
  5. Ex Girl (Monsta X ft. Wheein)
  6. Hey! (야!) (Sandeul ft. Wheein)
  7. Anymore (부담이 돼) (Jung Key ft. Wheein)
  8. Holy-Day (Jung Min-hyuk ft. Wheein)
  9. Love or Like (Standing Egg ft. Wheein)
  10. Miss U (Jude ft. Wheein)
  11. Tears Drops (DinDin ft. Wheein)
  12. 4:44 (Park Bom ft. Wheein)


  1. Shadow (그림자)
  2. With My Tear (내 눈물모아)

Award(s) and Nomination(s)

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Gaon Chart Music Awards

2020 Artist of the Year – Digital Music
Awarded to Good Bye Nominated


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