Red Moon

Red Moon is an extended play by MAMAMOO. It is the second album of the Four Seasons, Four Colors project . Red Moon is Moonbyul's album. The EP features the previously released singles Rainy Season and Selfish.

The album is supposed to represent summer, but has a moon as the cover art to reference Moonbyul (the red background is to represent Moonbyul's color in the Four Seasons, Four Colors project, which is red). Egotistic is the title track of Red Moon.


  1. Midnight Summer Dream  (여름밤의 꿈)
  2. Egotistic (너나 해)
  3. Rainy Season (장마)
  4. Sky! Sky!  (하늘하늘) (청순)
  5. Sleep in the Car (잠이라도 자지)
  6. Selfish (Moonbyul ft. Seulgi)

Four Seasons, Four Colors Project

Yellow Flower is Hwasa's extended play featuring her color, Yellow in the season of spring.

Red Moon is Moonbyul's extended play featuring her color, Red in the season of summer.

BLUE;S is Solar's extended play featuring her color, Blue in the season of autumn.

White Wind is Wheein's extended play featuring her color, White in the season of winter.

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