reality in BLACK is the second studio album by MAMAMOO. The album features the previously released single Destiny. HIP is the title track of reality in BLACK.


  1. Destiny (우린 결국 다시 만날 운명이었지)
  2. Universe
  3. Ten Nights (열 밤)
  4. HIP
  5. 4x4ever
  6. Better
  7. Hello Mama
  8. ZzZz (심심해)
  9. rEALITY
  10. High Tension (춤을 춰)
  11. I'm Your Fan

Album Concept

The album has an overall theme, which is the different universes of MAMAMOO. In the first universe, the MAMAMOO members are still themselves, while in the other universes, they work different jobs and have different lives.[1]

In the second universe, Solar is a princess, Moonbyul is an MV director, Wheein is an environmentalist, and Hwasa is a mother. In the third universe, Solar is a boxer, Moonbyul is a choreographer, Wheein is a painter or artist, and Hwasa is a musical actor. In the fourth universe, Solar is a rockstar, Moonbyul is an entertainment CEO, Wheein is an indie artist, and Hwasa is a president.


  1. "BLACK" stands for "Bless Life And Carry Knowledge".[2]
  2. MAMAMOO first performed Destiny in Queendom.
  3. Solar performed with the drag queen group NEON MILK in her rockstar scenes.[3]
  4. Lia Kim originally choreographed HIP's dance to be easy (since MAMAMOO usually use handheld microphones), but after the original choreography was rejected for being too easy, she made the hardest version of HIP's choreography and sent it to RBW. It was accepted and so, MAMAMOO use headmics to perform HIP in music shows.[4]





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