Moonbyul is a member of K-Pop girl group MAMAMOO. She is the main rapper and a vocalist, and is in charge of the group's performance along with Wheein and is the group's visual along with Solar. She has an Instagram account, @mo_onbyul.


Outside of her activities in MAMAMOO, Moonbyul has released albums, singles, and OSTs.


  1. Selfish
  2. Dark Side of the Moon


As the Lead Artist

  1. Selfish (ft. Seulgi)
  2. Weird Day (ft. Punch)
  3. Eclipse (달이 태양을 가릴 때)

As a Collaboration

  1. DAB DAB (with Hwasa)

As the Featured Artist

  1. Nothing (Yoo Sung-eun ft. Moonbyul)
  2. Happy Now (HA:TFELT ft. Moonbyul)


  1. Like Yesterday (어제처럼) (with Solar)
  2. Deep Blue Eyes (as Girls Next Door)
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