Jji-Jil (Korean: 찌질) is the friendship pairing of Hwasa, Wheein, and Moonbyul. "Jji-Jil" roughly translates to "pathetic" or "awkward". They're all about being greasy, bluffing, and having fun during the ridiculous adventures they get into when Solar's not around (they play around too much when she's busy).

Even though Moonbyul is the Moon Guru of Bluffing, Hwasa is actually the leader of the trio. The crew came about during the Yes I Am era (though their presence had been apparent since ancient times) and Hwasa's leadership was established during the Egotistic era.

Solar, our patient leader, is the enemy of the crew and the one they usually target their pranks at.




  • Members of the crew all have Instagram accounts, so it's the Instagram crew versus the YouTube Captain (aka Solar).
  • All of them are younger than Solar.
  • They have tattoos, unlike a certain Yeba.
  • Teasing Solar as a team is a pastime for them.
  • They frequently conspire against Solar when they play around.

Note: Most of the content in this page is satire and light humor (it's to set the atmosphere, fellas). Apologies if there are misunderstandings, or if you are offended.

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