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Intro : Satellite (Korean: Intro : 우린 어느 별에서 떨어져 둘이 됐을까?) is the intro of Moonbyul's reissue 門OON.


Intro : Satellite is a song about two people being destined to eventually meet each other, but in the meanwhile being in each other's "orbits" like satellites and stars.


  1. In the first Ontact Live teaser for 門OON, Moonbyul said Intro : Satellite's first line: "Which star did we fall from and become two?".



우린 어느 별에서 떨어져 둘이 됐을까

만질 수 없이 멀어져도 느껴지잖아
너의 궤도를 따라 돌고 있어 난
우연이 아닌걸

우린 별이 태어날 때부터
온 우주가 생겨날 때부터
열두 번을 돌아 만날 운명이니까

Like a satellite
어둠 속에서 더 빛난 별처럼
A satellite
서로에게 오는 길을 비춰줘

함께 걷는 이 길의 끝이 어디인지
어딜 향하는지 알 수 없지만
우린 결국 만날 운명이니까
You are the reason for my love

Source: music.naver

urin eoneu byeoreseo tteoreojyeo duri dwaesseulkka

manjil su eopshi meoreojyeodo neukkyeojijana
neoye gwedoreul ttara dolgo isseo nan
uyeoni aningeol

urin byeori taeeonal ttaebuteo
on ujuga saenggyeonal ttaebuteo
yeoldu beoneul dora mannal unmyeonginikka

Like a satellite
eodum sogeseo deo binnan byeolcheoreom
A satellite
seoroege oneun gireul bichweojweo

hamkke geonneun i gire kkeuchi eodiinji
eodil hyanghaneunji al su eopjiman
urin gyeolguk mannal unmyeonginikka

You are the reason for my love

Which star did we fall from and become two?
It can be felt even when we’re too far to reach each other
I’m going around following your orbit
It’s not a coincidence

Us, since the star was born
Since the entire universe was created
We’re destined to meet after 12 rotations

Like a satellite
Like a star that shines brighter in the darkness
A satellite
Shine on the road that we take towards each other

Where is the end of this road that we’re walking together
I can’t know where it’s headed
But we’re destined to eventually meet
You are the reason for my love

Source: @ch0sshi

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