Hello, I'm in charge of rap and vocals in MAMAMOO, bright Hwasa!
— Hwasa's greeting

Hwasa (Korean: 화사) is a member of K-Pop girl group MAMAMOO. She is the lead rapper and lead vocalist. She has an Instagram account called @_mariahwasa.


Hwasa's Career section excludes her activities with MAMAMOO.


Hwasa appeared on MBC's King of Mask Singer as "Aerobic Girl" (episode 111 to 112).


On April 13 and 20, Hwasa appeared on MBC's Hyena on the Keyboard (episode 7 to 8). She also released a single titled Don't with Loco for the show.

Later on, Hwasa became a regular cast of MBC's I Live Alone (episode 257 to the present).


On February 13, Hwasa officially debuted as a soloist with the single Twit.


Hwasa collaborated with Dua Lipa for a remix of the song Physical; the remix was released on March 17. She also collaborated with ONEWE on the song Q, released on May 26.

On June 15, RBW announced the release of Hwasa's first extended play, titled María. Later on June 29, the single Maria was released alongside the EP.


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This is the simplified version of Hwasa's discography.

Outside of her activities in MAMAMOO, Hwasa has released an extended play, a single album, singles, and an OST.

Extended Play(s)

  1. María

Single Album(s)

  1. Twit (멍청이)


As the Lead Artist

  1. Twit (멍청이)
  2. Maria (마리아)

As a Collaboration

  1. DAB DAB (with Moonbyul)
  2. Love Comes (with Esna)
  3. Don't (with Loco)
  4. Loving One Person (with Kim Hyunchul & Wheein)
  5. In Autumn (가을속에서) (with Woogie)

As the Featured Artist

  1. Fingernail (손톱) (Phantom ft. Hwasa)
  2. Break Up for You, Not Yet for Me (넌 이별 난 아직) (Park Shinhye ft. Hwasa)
  3. Boy Jump (소년점프) (Baechigi ft. Hwasa)
  4. Drinks Up (Ja Mezz ft. Hwasa)
  5. Mileage (Primary ft. Paloalto & Hwasa)
  6. Call Me (연락해) (Basick & Lil Boi ft. Hwasa)
  7. Love Talk (Kisum ft. Hwasa)
  8. Ddang (땡땡땡) (Suran ft. Hwasa)
  9. Nice (Basick ft. G2 & Hwasa)
  10. HookGA (High4:20 ft. Hwasa)
  11. I Am Me (San E ft. Hwasa)
  12. Cotton Candy (Woodie Gochild ft. Hwasa)
  13. Do Not Become Friendly (K.Will ft. Hwasa)
  14. Physical (remix) (Dua Lipa ft. Hwasa)
  15. Q (모르겠다고) (ONEWE ft. Hwasa)


  1. Orbit


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