Hwasa is a member of K-Pop girl group MAMAMOO. She is the lead rapper and lead vocalist. She has an Instagram account, @_mariahwasa.


Outside of her activities in MAMAMOO, Hwasa has released a single album and singles.


  1. Twit (멍청이)


As the Lead Artist

  1. Twit (멍청이)

As a Collaboration

  1. DAB DAB (with Moonbyul)
  2. Love Comes (with Esna)
  3. Don't (with Loco)
  4. Loving One Person (with Kim Hyunchul & Wheein)
  5. In Autumn (가을속에서) (with Woogie)

As the Featured Artist

  1. Fingernail (손톱) (Phantom ft. Hwasa)
  2. Break Up for You, Not Yet for Me (넌 이별 난 아직) (Park Shin-hye ft. Hwasa)
  3. Boy Jump (소년점프) (Baechigi ft. Hwasa)
  4. Drinks Up (Ja Mezz ft. Hwasa)
  5. Mileage (Primary ft. Paloalto & Hwasa)
  6. Call Me (연락해) (Basick & Lil Boi ft. Hwasa)
  7. Love Talk (Kisum ft. Hwasa)
  8. Ddang (땡땡땡) (Suran ft. Hwasa)
  9. Nice (Basick ft. G2 & Hwasa)
  10. HookGA (High4:20 ft. Hwasa)
  11. I Am Me (San E ft. Hwasa)
  12. Cotton Candy (Woodie Gochild ft. Hwasa)
  13. Do Not Become Friendly (K.Will ft. Hwasa)
  14. Physical (remix) (Dua Lipa ft. Hwasa)
  15. Q (모르겠다고) (ONEWE ft. Hwasa)
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