BLUE;S is an extended play by MAMAMOO. It is the third EP of the Four Seasons, Four Colors project, and BLUE;S is Solar's EP. Wind Flower is the title track of BLUE;S.


  1. From Autumn to Winter (가을에서 겨울로) (Intro)
  2. No More Drama
  3. Wind Flower
  4. Hello (Solar Solo)
  5. Better than I thought (생각보단 괜찮아)
  6. Morning


  1. The album is supposed to represent autumn, but has a sun as the cover art to reference Solar (the blue background is to represent Solar's color in the Four Seasons, Four Colors project, which is blue).
  2. BLUE;S may have gotten its name from Solar's color, the musical genre blues, or the album's theme of sadness (sadness is often associated with blue).
  3. Unfortunately, along with MAMAMOO's first three title tracks, Wind Flower did not achieve any wins on music shows.



Four Seasons, Four Colors Project

Yellow Flower is Hwasa's extended play featuring her color, yellow in the season of spring.

Red Moon is Moonbyul's extended play featuring her color, red in the season of summer.

BLUE;S is Solar's extended play featuring her color, blue in the season of autumn.

White Wind is Wheein's extended play featuring her color, white in the season of winter.


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