Autumn Letter (Korean: 가을 편지) is a single from Solar's project called Solar Emotion, and is included in the fifth part of the project.


Autumn Letter is a song about writing a letter to someone, with that letter being full with one's feelings.


  1. Autumn Letter is originally a song by Kim Minki.



가을엔 편지를 하겠어요

누구라도 그대가 되어
받아 주세요
낙엽이 쌓이는 날
외로운 여자가 아름다워요

가을엔 편지를 하겠어요
모든 것을 헤매인 마음
낙엽이 사라진 날
모르는 여자가 아름다워요


Source: KLyrics

Gaeuren pyeonjireul hagesseoyo

Nugurado geudaega doeeo
Bada juseyo
Nagyeobi ssahineun nal
Oeroun yeojaga areumdawoyo

Gaeuren pyeonjireul hagesseoyo
Modeun geoseul hemaein maeum
Nagyeobi sarajin nal
Moreuneun yeojaga areumdawoyo


I will write you a letter in the fall
If someone can be the one
Please accept it
When the leaves stack up
The lonely woman is beautiful

I will write you a letter in the fall
All of my feelings
I’ll send to you
When the leaves disappear
The unknown woman is beautiful


Source: KLyrics

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