4season is the outro of MAMAMOO's extended play White Wind.


4season is a song that encases MAMAMOO's theme of "star, wind, flower, sun", and the song invites everyone to spend the coming seasons with MAMAMOO.


  1. 4season is the last song in the entirety of the Four Seasons, Four Colors project, serving as its outro.


 Solar   Moonbyul   Wheein   Hwasa 

Sunrise 눈이 부시게 all day
Every night 달빛도 은은하게
향기로운 바람이 불어와 (후)

꽃잎이 날려
A better day for a picnic
같이 놀러 갈래 이번엔
둘만의 시간을 보내

하나씩 하나씩
기분 좋은 기억을 쌓고 걸어가
같이 걸어가

너 너 너와 나
너와 (너와)
너와 나 함께

너와 나의 하루가
너와 나의 매 순간
너와 나의 계절이 채워져

Source: Genius

Sunrise nun-i busige all day
Every night dalbichdo eun-eunhage
hyang-giloun balam-i bul-eowa (hu)

kkoch-ip-i nallyeo
A better day for a picnic
gat-i nolleo gallae ibeon-en
dulman-ui sigan-eul bonae

hanassig hanassig
gibun joh-eun gieog-eul ssahgo geol-eoga
gat-i geol-eoga

neo neo neowa na
neowa (neowa)
neowa na hamkke

neowa naui haluga
neowa naui mae sungan
neowa naui gyejeol-i chaewojyeo

Sunrise dazzling all day
Every night the soft moonlight, too
A fragrant wind blows

Flower petals fly
A better day for a picnic
Do you want to go together
This time, spend time just for us

One by one
Build up good memories and walk
Walk together

You and
You you you and me
You and (you and)
Together with you

Your and my day
Your and my every moment
Your and my season gets filled

Source: Genius

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