4colors is the first Japanese studio album by MAMAMOO. The album features the previously released Japanese singles Décalcomanie (Japanese Ver.) and Wind Flower (Japanese Ver.).

4colors doesn't have a title track, as the album is a sort of compilation of the Four Seasons, Four Colors project (albeit in Japanese).


  1. Starry Night (Japanese Ver.)
  2. Be Calm
  3. Egotistic (Japanese Ver.)
  4. Selfish
  5. Wind Flower (Japanese Ver.)
  6. Hello (Solar Solo)
  7. gogobebe (Japanese Ver.)
  8. 25
  9. Décalcomanie (Japanese Ver.)
  10. You Don't Know Me
  11. Sleep Talk
  12. Nada Sou Sou (涙そうそう)


  1. The title tracks of each Four Seasons, Four Colors EP are featured, and each of them are accompanied by the solos of the members of their respective EPs (e.g.: Starry Night with Be Calm).
  2. Nada Sou Sou is a cover of Ryoko Moriyama's song Nada Sōsō.


MAMAMOO 日本1stアルバム『4colors』全曲トレーラー-0

MAMAMOO 日本1stアルバム『4colors』全曲トレーラー-0

MAMAMOO「涙そうそう」LIVE 映像 Short ver

MAMAMOO「涙そうそう」LIVE 映像 Short ver.

MAMAMOO 「gogobebe -Japanese ver

MAMAMOO 「gogobebe -Japanese ver.-」dance practice 映像

MV 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 덤덤해지네-0

MV 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 덤덤해지네-0

MV 문별(Moon Byul) - SELFISH (Feat

MV 문별(Moon Byul) - SELFISH (Feat. 슬기 of Red Velvet)

MAMAMOO 「Wind flower -Japanese ver

MAMAMOO 「Wind flower -Japanese ver.-」 Music Video

MAMAMOO 「Wind flower -Japanese ver.-」 Music Video (Short Ver

MAMAMOO 「Wind flower -Japanese ver.-」 Music Video (Short Ver.)

MV 휘인(WHEEIN) - 25(Twenty Five)

MV 휘인(WHEEIN) - 25(Twenty Five)

MAMAMOO 「Décalcomanie -Japanese ver

MAMAMOO 「Décalcomanie -Japanese ver.-」Music Video

MAMAMOO 「Décalcomanie -Japanese ver.-」Music Video (Short Ver

MAMAMOO 「Décalcomanie -Japanese ver.-」Music Video (Short Ver.)

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