門OON is a reissue or repackage by Moonbyul. The Kihno version of the reissue features all of the songs in Dark Side of the Moon. Absence is the title track of 門OON.


  1. Intro : Satellite (Intro : 우린 어느 별에서 떨어져 둘이 됐을까?)
  2. Eclipse (달이 태양을 가릴 때) (Kihno only)
  3. mirror (Kihno only)
  4. ILJIDO (Kihno only)
  5. MOON MOVIE (Kihno only)
  6. Weird Day (낯선 날) (ft. Punch) (Kihno only)
  7. Snow (눈) (Kihno only)
  8. Absence (부재)
  9. Absence (부재) (Inst.)


  1. Moonbyul held an online concert for 門OON on VLive, titled Moonbyul 1st Ontact Live '門OON'. It was on May 30, at 7 p.m. (KST).
  2. The Morse code at the end of the first Ontact Live teaser means "I miss you".
  3. The romanization of the character "門" is "mun".


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